About the Workshop Series

This year we can all learn how powerful the connection is between human and horse. AES has set up a monthly workshop series to support you in developing your horsemanship all the while bringing you into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your horse. 

As workshop dates approach more information regarding times, tools, price and availability will be communicated. Be sure to check Angela’s Equine Solutions on Facebook.

Haul in Horses are welcome. (NEG coggins required) Space is limited, be sure to sign up in advanced. Horses are available at ROF, for a small fee, if you are unable to trailer your horse.

You are able to participate in as many or as few workshops as you please. Booklets will be available for purchase, by participants and auditors, that contain information related to each workshop. 


A booklet custom designed specifically for the AES Workshop Series. The booklet will contain handouts, guidelines, at home practices, space to take notes, and much more. Booklets are a great tool after the workshops are over, to serve as a reminder of what was learned and experienced. Booklets are available for purchase for $20 by participants and auditors.

Tools & Supplies

As each workshop date approaches be sure to connect with Angie about tools and supplies needed for each session. Some items will be supplied some items will need to be supplied by you.

February 28th– Beneficial Stretches for Human & Horse

March 13th– Controlled Catastrophe 

April 18th– Equine Spinal Balance Technique 

May 15th– Lower Level Dressage & Basic Connection 

June 26th & June 27th– 2 Day Chakra Clearing for Horse & Human 

July 25th– Individual & Group Liberty 

August 21st & 22nd– 2-Day Beginning Cow Clinic (pending availability)

September 18th– Cross Country/Playground Fun

October 16th– Fun Show Fundraiser for Solstice Sanctuary 

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