The Journey

Lauren- One of my lesson students wrote this essay for school….it’s about Maxine….it’s beautifully written; I bet you can’t make it through without tears! I couldn’t, no shame!!!

My Rescue

I am abandoned. I felt forgotten. I am cold. I was robbed of my dignity. I am no longer loved by my owners who I tried so hard to please. They wouldn’t take care of me. They wouldn’t love me.

I heard the wind hitting the side of the barn. It was a frigid night and it was hard to stay warm. I looked around only to see the pitch black stalls next to me. I looked at each stall, each holding two horses. I saw them shivering, standing close to each other the trying to keep warm. I could tell it wasn’t working. I bowed my head to the ground. I was standing almost knee deep in mud. I couldn’t take it anymore. The loneliness started to kick in. I knew I was never going to get rescued.

Morning came. It was a bright morning, even though it didn’t change my mood one bit. I heard a car pull out of the long driveway. The smoke from the gravel came into view. All of my friends huddled up against the barn wall trying to block the wind from hitting us. We heard a loud truck, almost like a semi, coming up the driveway. I heard a door slam.

“Let’s split up! Group one head toward the pastures. Group two come with me” Said a women. I had no idea who they were or what they were doing here. I just had an overwhelming feeling that they came to rescue us. A group of humans came rushing in the bright blue shirts on. They each had hands full of halters and lead ropes. A lady with long brown hair came into my stall. She slipped a halter on my head and clipped the lead rope onto it. She led me out. As the dim sunlight shone down on my back the lady could see how emaciated I was. “Come look at this mare!” The lady yelled. Another human came sprinting into the barn with a case of some sort (I didn’t exactly know what it was; but it looked scary). He knelt down on the ground and threw open his case. He walked slowly toward me and he told the girl “We need to get her in the trailer”

The lady brought me out into the open. The sunlight almost blinded me. I haven’t seen it in so long. She brought me toward a large metal box. It looked like a death trap. I had to fight I couldn’t just let her lead me into that….whatever it was! As we got closer I snapped. I reared up high in the air. I pulled on the rope trying to get away. It was no use. She wouldn’t let go. After 15 minutes of struggling I had to give up. I was tired. I haven’t had food in months. I knew they were trying to help me but I couldn’t face the facts. It was hard to trust humans, they have mistreated me for many years. I let her lead me into the metal box. Many other horses joined me. I was in the middle of two obnoxious colts. I heard both of them but I could only see one. I didn’t think much of it. Suddenly I felt the ground move underneath me. I tried so hard to buck but I couldn’t. I was trapped inside a small and narrow alley in the middle of the trailer. I tried so hard to fall asleep because I didn’t know when I was going to get out of this trailer.

I then heard gravel hitting the bottom of the trailer. I looked out the small trailer window, only to see luscious green pastures and rolling hills. I couldn’t believe it! I was actually going to a good home! I felt the trailer coming to a stop. I heard the truck door slam and foot beats coming toward the back of the trailer. I could hear them unlatching the door lock. I thought to myself “Here we are; paradise.” The sunlight come beating into the trailer with full force. They started unloading each individual horse slowly and carefully. They got to my area in the trailer. The girl with long brown hair clipped the lead rope to my halter and opened the gate. I sprang out of the trailer like a bunny jumping of the bushes. I flipped around to look at my surroundings. There they are! The rolling hills, green pastures, a clean stable. It was paradise.

She led me into the barn. She walked me about halfway down the barn aisle and led me into a stall. She took off my halter and she set it on the ground. She walked left and I lost a visual of her right away. She came back seconds later with a handful of fluffy hay. I though “I have a feast!” I got so excited I almost knocked the door down. She threw it into the corner and locked my door. I lifted my head up when I realized my hay was gone. The noticed that they were bringing in the last horse. They turned the light off and shut the barn door. I fell fast asleep and I don’t have to worry about being cold tonight. The sun came shining through my stall
window that morning. I heard the barn door fly open.

“Thank you for coming Derek” said a man walking into the barn. “No problem I am happy to help” said Derek. They came to my stall and opened the door. Derek slipped on my halter and clipped the lead rope on halter. He led me out of my stall and put me into the cross ties. He opened his medical case and he pulled out his stethoscope. He checked my heart beat and said I was normal. “You might want to get a farrier out here soon” said Derek. “Yeah, he is on his way right now” said the girl with long brown hair. The vet left and then the farrier walked in.

“Hey Jake!” said the girl with the long brown hair. “Hello, is this the mare?” said Jake.“Yep” said the girl.
He tried to lift up my foot, I didn’t like it at all. I flipped out and I tried to pull out of the crossties. They eventually calmed me down and the farrier trimmed my horrible looking feet. They slipped me into my stall and they locked the door.

The next day they had an open house. Crowds and crowds of people came and they all looked at each horse very carefully. It was getting late and not many people were left over. Many horses were gone. I then heard footsteps coming toward my stall. I looked up and I say a lady standing outside my stall.
“She is beautiful” Kerry said. “We just rescued her” said the girl with brown hair.“Could I check her out?” Kerry said. “Feel free!” the girl said. Kerry came in my stall and she gave my neck a good scratch, it felt really good.“I am interested” Kerry said.

A few weeks later I was on my way to my forever home. I was dropped off at a place called Rolling Oaks Farm. I was nursed back to health and I started my training. It was hard for me at first because I had no idea what she was asking. I soon got the idea that bucking and pulling was not ok. I slowly progressed but at least I was getting it. Angela was soon able to ride me and teach me the basics. Soon Kerry came out and started to ride me! Kerry was so proud of me! I felt loved again! I felt needed again! I was then introduced to my best friend in the whole world. Tessa the tall, black warmblood mare. We shared a pasture and we got along right away!

I was soon put into a Buck Brannaman clinic at Sunflower Farms. I gained so much confidence! I was starting to get all of the different leg cues and rein movements. I was put in many clinics at Angela’s place and I was ridden by Angela and her working student/client Sarah. We had so much fun together! Sarah rode me a lot over the summer and whenever she came to Angela’s. I got more advanced
with my training and another girl named Lauren then started to ride me. She rode me in many group lessons/private lessons and whenever she came to the barn over the summer. The last major thing I did was go to an open show at Sunflower with Sarah and Lauren! Lauren showed me in halter and two walk trot classes. Sarah also rode me in two walk trot classes. I have been getting better every day and I have so many supporters. I am back and better than ever!
From this To this TEAM MAXINE

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