We were fortunate to come upon Angela thru friends of ours that had their horses trained by her.

When we decided to adopt a rescued/neglected/abused Clydesdale mare, we knew we needed help, We enlisted the vet and farrier who were involved with her care from the beginning of the rescue. Once she was medically stable it was time for training…we did not take this task lightly, this large mare had a lot of emotional baggage to overcome and we found out she is blind in one of her eyes…she was never ridden prior to Angela starting her and our best guess is she was an 8 year old.

Angelas equine solutions

We were looking for a trainer to give Maxine the BEST chance of success…that trainer had to be compassionate yet firm. knowledgeable , patient, and trustworthy….whomever was going to work with Maxine needed to give her direction and restore her faith and trust in humans.

Angie started her at our house, small simple lessons. She kept the lines of communication open between what she was working on with Maxine and what we could do on our end to be involved with her training….When Angela first starting training Maxine I told her that I wanted to be involved, but also gave her the ability to make decisions on Maxines behalf.   Once initial groundwork was underway, we brought her to Rolling Oak Farms as we do not have an indoor and I wanted continuity with her lessons.  She started a video journal of Maxines progress from the first lesson forward. Those videos speak volumes to a horse owner….when I went to Angela with Maxine, I told her that “ I hope for the best, but expect the worst”….I didn’t know how she would respond to training given her past history.  Even if she was to be a pasture pal, she still needed manners.

With Angela’s guidance, our little shaggy , thin Clydesdale horse  blossomed to the beautiful mare that she is today…look at the photo below…..what word comes to mind? When I first saw this photo, I thought, she looks HAPPY….my abused mare, looks HAPPY….Thank you God…..She has been started under saddle and I am riding her!  We took her to two clinics at Sunflower farms, and this year plan to attend another clinic where I will ride her!…I took her on a trail ride! Who would’ve thought from the first time I saw this sad scared horse standing in a stall with her head hung low, not making eye contact that we would have such success and fun times! She now can ride in a trailer without panicking. Priceless. Words can’t begin to express the gratitude that we have for what Angela has given our Maxine…confidence and faith in humans.

Angelas equine solutions

What I really appreciate is Angela’s ability to adapt her training to fit the horse needs and her enthusiasm to get the owner involved in their training as well. We look forward to a long working relationship with Angela as we continue to expand Maxine’s horizons with continued lessons and training…keep a lookout for upcoming local dressage shows…we plan to bring Maxine as we are starting dressage with her…stop by and say Hi.

  • Kerry Koziol



My eight year old daughter and myself have been seeing Angela for over a year. She has been working with us and our two horses. Hammy our halflinger and Scooter our Rocky Mountain. She has helped us with many areas that our horses and the two of us can use help with. She loves to fix problems that you are having with your horse. I love that. I can tell her what has been going on with our horses and she will figure out a way to improve their behavior and ours with our horses. She has mad me and my daughter more confident with our riding and ground work. We love going together as we can have fun on our horses and learn together. We will continue our lessons for many years to come. Thanks Angie!

  • Gina and Cate DeBell, Salem, WI


I’ve owned and showed hunters and jumpers for over 40 years, so I have a lot of experience with horses. But I can honestly say, working with Angie has literally taught me a completely new way of connecting with them.

When I brought my very sensitive five-year-old Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross mare to Angie, she was a mess emotionally.  At 16.3+, she’s a handful when she’s anxious, and frankly, had become too erratic to be around comfortably.

Angie spent the first few months on groundwork, teaching her to respect her new rope halter, to focus on her handler and to recognize that even scary things, like tarps on the ground, wouldn’t hurt her. Angie worked with her in her indoor ring, with no halter, no bridle. She taught her to hook on – to choose to follow her—for guidance and safety. The transformation was, honestly, incredible. Instead of walking ahead of me with her head way up in high alert mode, she was walking calmly behind me, stopping when I stopped, backing up when asked by a just a signal, not even a touch. She learned to stand quietly in the cross ties instead of breaking away from them. She learned to be just as happy being alone as with other horses. She learned to go out on the trails and be brave.

Over the course of a year plus, the time spent at Angie’s barn had a dramatic impact on this horse. Angie not only took wonderful care of her physically, but taught the mare to listen and to trust her rider. Angie has such a light, clear touch. My mare doesn’t react negatively when Angie corrects her because it’s not angry and it’s not personal. Angie has taught me a lot about how to quiet my thought around her and to create the right mental environment for her to thrive.

As an added bonus, Angie’s Dad, Ted, is an expert at training horses on how to load into a step up trailer. Since my mare was also claustrophobic, we took advantage of her time there to have Ted teach her how to load calmly. What a difference!

Last November we brought the mare back to our training barn to get her ready for the show ring. Her regular trainer is a big fan of Angie’s work. She found the change in the mare’s attitude extremely helpful in preparing her to get back to showing. In February, we took the mare to her first A-level Hunter Jumper show in over a year and she ended up Reserve Champion of her division.

I can’t speak highly enough about Angie’s rare gift for understanding and connecting with troubled horses. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her any challenge. I know she’s up for it.

  • Jean McLaren Callie. Troubled horse


After more than 20 yrs. of horse ownership, my dream was to have a young horse to start myself and feel that sense of accomplishment from doing the training myself. So when I got my yearling TB, I began developing a partnership through groundwork and natural horsemanship principles. As the partnership grew, I realized the best thing for the horse was to have him started by an experienced professional. Someone who I could trust to teach him without breaking the kind and curious spirit of my special partner (and not subjecting him to my “mistakes”). I simply cared too much for the animal not to have it done right. That’s why I asked Angela to start him after he turned two. She has an uncanny understanding of how to work with a young horse to gain his trust, get him to focus on her, and develop an eager, willing partner. Angela worked with me so the horse would be introduced to the aids I would be using with him in my chosen discipline. There was never any confusion or “fighting” with the horse. After 90 days working with Angela, he is without a doubt the easiest horse I have ever ridden!

  • Nancy Swenson Artie 2 yr old Thoroughbred Colt Starting


Angie Axton is a “natural” when it comes to horses and training them (and their humans)!! Angie shows wisdom beyond her years and is very astute at recognizing what’s going right or wrong between horse and rider, making it easier to focus on what needs to be learned in order to accomplish the goals.  She has a gentle nature and kind hearted approach but doesn’t avoid the “toughness” (not meanness) sometimes needed to teach a less than cooperate horse to do as it’s asked. Her approach is to build a “language” between the rider and horse that includes respect and confidence, in both.  Angie is also an excellent rider so she is able to hop on my horse and help her to understand what she’s asking of her, while at the same time demonstrates for me what I need to do to enjoy the same results as Angie does when she is riding her.  Angie is not only training my 20 yo Paint (who in her day was a hunter champion) to get back into the riding groove with me but is also training my wild rescue horse (who has never been trained or ridden), Luna, as well.

This past fall I had the opportunity to ride in the Buck Brannaman clinic at Sunflower Farms but my mare (who I had not had the opportunity to ride much ahead of this event) was totally uncooperative and I feared I’d have to drop out of the class and miss this terrific opportunity to ride with one of the Masters.  Thanks to Angie, who also rode a very challenging horse in the clinic…was able to get my mare back on track and help me to be partners with her again…and we were able to ride in the clinic where my horse was a complete angel and we had a great time together!!!    THANKS TO ANGIE!!!

The other thing about Angie, personally, is that she is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to do the right thing for my horses and myself.  When my mare was lame and I was not able to get home from work to attend to her…Angie drove over just to bandage her and also picked up her meds for me/her and brought them to my barn so I would be able to start treating her as soon as I arrived home.  She is a caring soul and I love her for it!!!!

Finally, as I am the owner of EquiSpa of Bristol, where we do cold salt hydrotherapy for horses needing layup care and who are recovering from medical issues such as post-surgical care, lower leg injuries and diseases…I have client horses that have special needs, like massage therapy, and Angie has been asked as a private contractor, to treat the horses at my facility.  Angie has knowledge of horse anatomy and is a talented large animal massage therapist, so she is capable of treating horses with injuries and painful symptoms, and is part of the team that assists in the horses recovery.

If you’re thinking of hiring Angie as a trainer or therapist…don’t hesitate…she’s wonderful!!!!


  • Mary Jane Stach, Owner
  • Hydrotherapy Therapist 
  • EquiSpa of Bristol  – Bristol, WI 


Our kids, Cole (11) and Ava (7) have been taking lessons since summer of 2012. Angela is fantastic working with kids; our kids love going to see her. Angela’s lessons include so much more than just riding. They are learning to care for and respect horses. Our kids’ faces light up during their lessons because their self-confidence is overflowing. Angela is a positive and encouraging teacher. We can’t say enough good things about her!

  • Grant & Kari Strobel


Angie started my Anglo/Trakehner filly.  The entire process was made very easy for my horse.  There was no struggle, no fear, no stress.  Angie made accepting a rider on her back as easy as eating grain.  Angie is great at making everything easy.  She shows a way for a young horse to follow her direction that builds trust and confidence.  In a very short time Angie had Rihanna going along easily at walk, trot and canter not only in an arena but out on trails as well.

Angie is also really good with humans.  Once she got my horse started she then had to restart me.  Angie’s skills and ability reach way beyond her years.  She was able to restart a human on a young green horse and make really great progress.  It’s been some years since I really rode and Angie was able to help me work through lost skills, bad habits and fear – all along not letting me undo any of the training she put into the horse.  That’s pretty impressive in my book!

Angie made my experience of bringing up a baby successful and fun.  I can’t speak highly enough of her skills working with youngsters and oldsters and everything in-between.

Thank you Angie!

  • Sue Mahle & Rihanna 4 yr old Anglo/Trakehner filly – Colt Starting


Angela’s natural ability to read and communicate with horses make her an asset with what she has to offer.  Her patience and knowledge is a big factor in the success of her training program.  Not matter what the problem areas and habits may be, she is able to work through the situations in a safe and more productive manner.

I highly recommend Angela to others that are looking for a horse trainer/riding instructor.  I trust her with the education of my horses and know they will have the right kind of foundation to make them safe, willing partners.

I am so thankful to have met Angela and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.  Thank you very much and my horse thanks you as well.

  • Dee Dee Seitz “Working With” Mustang & Friesian


Angela Axon is a breath of fresh air in the horse industry!  Watching her work with our colt and filly and how they respond to her is amazing as well as our 4 yr. old Rocky Mountain mare she recently broke for us.

  • Joan Jackson “Colt Starting” 6 month old colt, 6 month old filly, 4 yr old Rocky Mountain mare


I have been using Angela for just over 2 years now to help aid my horse in his peak performance.  I started using her on my Appaloosa to help him “work out the kinks” but very shortly after that I started using her on all my school horses and clients’ horses to keep the athletes more comfortable during times of recovery as well as training.  Each horse benefits a bit differently than the next but with Angela’s ability to read the horse each massage varies according to the horse’s need at that time.  Each of my horses is on a 3-4 week schedule to keep them maintained but she is always available to work around their needs as their training and environment changes.  Thank you for doing a wonderful job and keeping the horses needs in mind all the time.  They greatly appreciate it as much as I do!

  • Heather Lingle “Sarge” Massage Therapy


I met Angela about a year and half ago when I first purchased my OTTB.  Angela was providing massages for my horse.  Several months ago my horse injured her suspensory and has been, for the most part, on stall rest as she heals.  She has had very limited amounts of time in a round pasture, but needs hand walking.  I became very frustrated as my horse began to rear up and fight me every day.  As time passed, I pretty much lost all my confidence in handling her.  As she became harder to handle, I feared her more.

When I felt at my wits ends, I learned that Angela also helped to train horses and owners during difficult recovery times.  Since Angela began working with my horse and me, my confidence has grown and I am now learning to handle my horse in a more positive manner without so much fear.

We still have hurdles to cross, but I have full confidence that with Angela’s help, both my horse and I will make it to the finish line.  She has brought us so far in such a short amount of time.

Thank you for everything,

  • Bacardi and Elisa


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