Rolling Oaks Farm, home of Angela’s Equine Solutions (AES), is offering riding lessons! Whether you’re younger, older, starting, intermediate, working, retired, or just “getting back into it,” these lessons are perfect for you!

Angela offers lessons on great horses that have experience in every situation. Concentrating on the communication with horses, taking pleasure in riding, standard safety around equines, practiced ground manners, and overall riding skills, this lesson program is perfect for any rider!

Lessons are designed to fit the individual, with more concentrated riding instructions for teens and adults, while still staying fun for young ones that can easily lose focus. Rolling Oaks Farm also offers 30 acres of riding opportunities including indoor, outdoor, and its own personal trails. Rolling Oaks is a wonderful place to take lessons with an instructor who always keeps the rider and horse her utmost priority.


Hour Lesson $45 (usually devote and hour and a half of time)

Rolling Oaks Farm has a new trainer teaching lessons and working with horses. Meet Sarah Wilks. ​

“Hey! I’m Sarah. ​ I’m 20 years old and have been training horses for 7 years. ​

As an equestrian trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many unique horses. Each one has its own story. It has its own fears, its own mind, and its own “horsinality”.

With each horse it’s different, but despite these differences one thing holds true. Horses are curious, smart, incredible creatures who are willing to learn… if we are willing to teach. ​ This is why I love training horses, and why I pursue consistant growth in this career. “

Sarah has been shadowing Angela for seven years, she has worked with many different kinds of horses, taught various lessons, and attended many educational opportunities.
She has recently started her own business and is taking new clients for horseback riding lessons, horses in training, and Colt Starting. We are very excited to have her part of our team and believe in her abilities 100%.

You can visit Sarah’s Facebook page