Fall 2017 AES made a decision to shareboard  “Knoxville” a 5 year old paint.

He will be added to the Lesson program and offered for shareboard spring 2018. We are excited to add this little “monkey” to the program. He is spunky and such a great teacher with his sensitivities!


Buddy~ 15 year old Quarter Horse Gelding

Lesson HorseBuddy is a great lesson horse for all levels and ages. He is willing, smart, fun, playful and a wonderful teacher. He is constantly teaching people and keeping them on their toes. Angela has owned Buddy since he was nine months old. He has gone to college with her, gone to many clinics, traveled to Arizona and California to learn from two great horsemen. He has a trot that everyone falls in love with. Buddy is an asset to this lesson program.



Confetti~ 30 year old Appaloosa

Lesson HorseDon’t let her age fool you, Confetti still loves to teach children. We use Confetti for beginning riding lessons with small children. Angie and Confetti met shortly after she started taking lessons at The Diettrich Farm, owner Lynn Diettrich found Confetti and knew she would be a perfect match for Angie. Confetti was a barrel racer and Angie couldn’t get enough of the speed. Now Confetti has slowed down a little bit with age but still has a great big flowing trot that makes the kids smile from ear to ear when they ride. Confetti loves to be groomed and can’t wait for her lessons!


Destiny~ 15 Year Old Paint

Lesson HorseDestiny is for the experienced rider. She is a very sensitive horse with the biggest heart. She will teach you timing and feel like no other horse could. She teaches the human to relax, feel for the horse and think about what the horse needs. She requires a rider with a lot of confidence. She also loves to be groomed and will even show you where to scratch her.




Sunflower ~ 17 year old Miniature Horse

Lesson HorseSunflower is the cutest Bay mini you will ever see. She loves children and loves to be pampered, she wouldn’t mind if you brought apples and carrots to your lesson. Sunflower is only for children less than 50 pounds. She loves to give pony rides and let young children feel what it’s like to ride a horse. Sunflower has two mini friends Winchester and Peanut, who love to teach people how to groom.