Highlights 2017


Pony Picture Party 

We rounded up 2017 with a fun photo shoot for the ROF students! 


The lessons students and boarders worked together to create and construct a few new items to add to the jumps at ROF!


Open show at Show Time Farm! This show was a big step for Angie, Winston, Megan, Tessa, Lauren, Maxine, Macy and Shayan!  It was great fun for all, and just another way to build confidence! 


This month was full of extremely hot days, so we kept it light, yet still beneficial and enjoyed many rides on the trails at ROF!


Angie was able to attend one of her clients/friends mounted shoot this summer. She has been working with them and their horses for a few years, and with their hard work and dedication they have excelled! 


July brought in a major improvement for the stall barn at ROF, we invested in a new ceiling! Cleaner, brighter, healthier and insulating!


The yearly, Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinic, with 5 Star instructor David Ellis was once again a great success! Liberty, finesse, and obstacles were just a few of the pieces of this clinic. 



In preparation for the clinic there were many new obstacles made. The month of May was spent playing with the new obstacles and teaching the humans and horses just how to play with them! 


April was a very exciting month for Angie. She was able to participate in the Shelly Francis Dressage demo at Midwest Horse Fair. She rode a clients horse, named Viggo! It was quite the experience, a proud and thankful moment for AES!



The calm spring weather allowed for many trail rides on the ROF trails. This snowy picture shows a Lesson student enjoying the trails! 


Peanut, one of the miniature horses on the farm was diagnosed with EPM in 2016, part of her treatment protocol includes Raindrop Therapy. Angie is using specific essential oils and energy work to help Peanut in the healing process. 


AES started off the New Year with an Extended Lesson. Obstacle course, pole work, educational questions, hide and seek, and learning about feed were just a few things included in this extended Lesson! 


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