Highlights 2016

Winston- At the end of 2015 Angie purchased a horse named Winston, he came to Angie as a training horse that had suffered a back injury and was having trouble going forward,  when the owners decided to show in higher level of dressage they knew Winston wouldn’t be the right fit.  So Angie decided to purchase this beautiful 17 hand Dutch Warmblood! The relationship continues to grow and Angie has hopes of showing him in Low Level Dressage in the future!


In early spring of 2016 Angie was asked to do a presentation on The Emotion Code at Meadowsweet Ranch.  With a room full of people Angie explained and demonstrated how The Emotion Code works.  Visit The Emotion Code page for more information!


April brought an opportunity for Angie, her students and their family to attend The Midwest Horse Fair.  It was a day full of fun, laughter, education and shopping!


Mid June was the annual Dave Ellis  Parelli Clinic, hosted at Rolling Oaks Farm! 3 training horses were able to participate in this clinic along with Winston, Angie’s new horse.  The clinic focused on horsemanship with obstacles and Cowboy Dressage.  Video attached is of Angie and Winston playing in the Cowboy Dressage court!

Winston at Dave Ellis Clinic


Late June Maxine, Lauren and Sarah attended their first horse show at Sunflower Farms!  What an emotional experience this was! The two lesson students had a wonderful time and Maxine, a rescue horse from an awful situation, was having just as much fun as the students.  Maxine’s owner was there for every moment, helping the girls show and cheering on this special horse!




Angie & Bradley said “I Do.”  The wedding was hosted at Rolling Oaks farm, in the hay barn.  It was extremely emotional and fitting that their three dogs were in the wedding, along with 6 different horses!





Mid October- Angie, Sarah (student), Megan (client) and her Dad attended a fun show benefiting research for St. Jude.  They had recently learned of a friend of a friend  that was being treated at St. Jude and decide to “Just Keep Riding” for her!








Thanksgiving weekend Angie held an Extended Lesson for the students, hours of fun, education and riding. The students learned about daily horse chores, safety skills, feed programs, they also made treats and did a thanksgiving craft

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